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DOOM Double XP Weekend +++

DOOM’s Free Update 2 launches today, July 29! The free update kicks off with two new multiplayer modes, Sector and Exodus. Sector is a capture and hold mode while Exodus brings capture the flag to DOOM. We’re also adding Hell modules and environments to DOOM SnapMap, plus new objects like Launch Pads, and last but not least, the campaign weapon wheel comes to SnapMap! And of course, the update will include tons of optimizations and improvements. Look for full release notes when the patch goes live tomorrow.

Unto the Evil, DOOM’s first DLC, launches August 5!

The first premium multiplayer DLC will launch on August 5. The DLC includes three new multiplayer maps (Catalyst, Ritual, and Offering), the new UAC EMG Pistol, and the new playable demon, “The Harvester.”

They also introducing a new feature called PartyPlay.

Want to play the DLC maps, but don’t own Unto the Evil or the Season Pass? Party up with another player who has purchased the DLC, and you can play the new maps! If a DLC map comes up as part of the rotation, you and your party can play just as you have with the game’s original multiplayers maps. Conversely, if you have purchased the premium DLC pack, anyone in your party can play any of the maps from the DLC as long as they’re with you.
Double XP Weekend kicks off July 29! To celebrate the release of Update 2, we’re launching our first Double XP Weekend. Level up all weekend long while playing our two new multiplayer modes.

To read all about today’s announcements, including additional details, read the note written by Executive Producer Marty Stratton

Note: The deployment of Update 2 will require a maintenance, scheduled for approximate 12pm ET on July 29. We anticipate the maintenance will end approximately at 2pm ET.


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