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Drone Spy On Swedish Navy

The last nine days have Swedish Navy conducted the annual exercise Swenex. It was conducted from Stockholm to Västervik Gotland and adjoining seas. This year Swenex unwanted visits from one or more remote-controlled aircraft of unknown origin. The interloper was so intrusive that many excercises were canceled and delayed until the air was free, according to DN’s sources. – We can confirm the observations. But what it was, and to what extent, there is nothing we go into, says Jesper Tengroth who are Armed Forces press secretary. DN also reports that military units switched their training ammunition against live ammunition to shoot down the drone. However, for various reasons did not open fire.They or the drone observed over Swenex had position light appeared in the darkness, according to DN’s sources. This has led to speculation that a major power behind in order to openly demonstrate that it has the capacity to follow in detail the Swedish defense. Similar observations have been made twice earlier this year. DN revealed on July 4 that the naval exercise BALTOPS visited by drones . It happened when Swedish and American dressing practiced on Utö in the Stockholm archipelago on 10-13 June.

The second incident, hitherto unknown, occurred during the Air Force exercise on 2-6 September. A drone flew over krigsflyg base Hagshult in Småland which led to the temporary suspension of the flights.”We can confirm a sighting in the area,” says Jesper Tengroth to DN. In recent days, the Armed Forces have also conducted the largest management exercise in years. 1,100 participants exercised leadership in the gray zone between peace and war, including against sabotage. On Sunday, led the exercise, military personnel seized a 33-year-old Polish citizen near Balsta north of Stockholm. There lies the Bear/ Grizzly which is one of two, larger, protected underground facilities for tactical command of air defense. The man who filmed and photographed suspected of crimes against the photo ban.

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