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Funcom’s Fourth Quarter Financial Report for 2016

Funcom’s Fourth Quarter Financial Report for 2016 is now online, with the success of Conan Exiles, the company saying they will increase its investment level in the game over the next couple of years. Read the reports here

They also announce plans to relaunch The Secret World within the next few months:

  • The Secret World will be relaunched during the first half of 2017. The goal of the relaunch is to broaden the appeal of the game through:
    • Redesigned new interface
    • Major improvements to gameplay including combat
    • Introduction of new retention systems such as daily rewards
    • Adjustments to the business model, including allowing access to the story content for free.
  • Relaunch activities will begin in late March.
  • This relaunch has the potential to have a significant impact in the game and company’s revenues
    • As with any business model adjustments there is a significant risk attached to this change. For more information regarding risk see point 27 in the 2015 annual report

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