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Since early november I’ve been doing something different: I get up at 04:00 am and walk/run 5,55 km. I’ve been getting up pretty early (about 05:00 am) from august 2013 and did some workout in my dungeon for about an hour, but something was missing: Weather! Rain! Sun! Cold! Nature!

As one of the little imps once told me: Ahhh! Naturen! (Ahhh! Nature!

So in the spirit of trying to keep this page up and “running* (*pun intend-ED*) I’ll keep posting pictures and maybe some videos of my early morning adventures.

I love this lake

I would like to spend more time walking in the wilds, but bloody every day life tends to interfere 🙁

Still “beating” the sun with about an hour 🙂

So here it is. And it’s number is 66…oh wait it’s 555 The number of Nature!
A morning-photo-blog-thingy!

Enjoy it or hate it. I don’t give a flying fuck…or do I? 😉

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