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Generation Zero

Just Cause developer has announced a new game and its their first self-published game.Robots have taken over 1980’s east coast Sweden in Avalanche’s new game Generation Zero.

It’s an open-world sandbox action game with strong persistent elements. It’s set in an alternate version of 1980’s east coast Sweden (Avalanche HQ is in Sweden) where machines have taken control.

The odds will be stacked against you. Avalanche refers to Generation Zero as a guerrilla action game. You’ll need everything you can loot from the surrounding, largely rural area – and you’ll need your marbles in the right place.

“Generation Zero has been created with that in mind and I can’t wait to see how players overcome insurmountable odds by setting advanced ambushes or taking down the toughest enemies through incredible gameplay skills.”

“But I also can’t wait to see groups of friends foregoing the dense atmosphere of the game to just mess about in multiplayer, causing explosive mayhem and physics exploits in the most crazy-looking 80’s avatars they can put together.”

A FarCry 5, Horizon Zero Dawn mix, set in Sweden? Sounds like fun! We’ll keep and eye on this one 😉

Ohhh and there is a website HERE!



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