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Tons Of Rock 2018!

That WAS(!) great stuff!
Sadly they are moving it to Oslo…So only Midgardsblot next year 🙁

I came early (I thought…Tuesday 19) and was planning to take it easy…to maybe, just maybe, be able to last the upcoming 3 days with beer and pure fucking metal.

Well I hadn’t even set foot on the camping grounds before an old “flame” put a beer glass in my hand with the following phrase: “Suck it up or I bite you until you bleed from many strange places…and join the fucking party!!!”

She did threaten with a more sever fate if I posted a picture of her, so instead here is one from outside the camp.

Camp entrance

Needless to say I didn’t hesitate, (didn’t bring any bandages…) so I got drunk the very first night and that didn’t end until Sunday 24. That’s one hell of a hangover the following week…REALLY!

A view from my tent. Got the ready, set, sleep package 🙂

I was worrying that I couldn’t follow up with my 6 km a day, early walks…ohhh was I wrong! I walked almost 15 km, with over 19000 steps each day (That also helped, I think, keeping the alcohol at bay haha)

Eat, shit and wash…then Breakfast 😀

The camp was great, but what about the music you say? Well…

Day 1:
I got to listen to: Føss, Girlschool, In Vain, Alestorm, Exodus, Battle Beast, Arch Enemy and oc Ozzy. Also catch a little bit of Wardruna and Audrey Horn

Arch “fucking” Enemy.

Exodus…that’s a VERY white tongue…

Day 2:
The rain was pissing hell all over the earth and that crippled the chance to see much of poor Epica (That rain)

Tons Of Pure Fucking Rain

Well I got to see Sibir, Malignant Eternal, Carach Angren (what a fucking awesome band, Carach…that is…Thank you Cathrine for “forcing” me to stay) and Gothminister.

Carach Angren – Blood Queen

The skies had cleared for At The Gates luckily. The Red In The Sky Is Ours!


Praise the fucking SUN! Dark Souls fans will go wild…erhhh

Then I had to catch Ragnarok (Jontho, oldtimer)

Thanks Linn, for capturing that lovely moment…

Back to the main stage for Abbath and Alice In Chains

Abbath…not “a bath”..but ABBATH!

Finishing the night off with WASP and Gåte (Gåte was awesome btw)

I’m a Wild Child 😀

Day 3:
…was a fucking mess. I’m not going into the details, but a mess, non the less…

Dr. Stein still grow funny creatures

On the bright side, the bands was fucking great 🙂 Skambankt, Tusmørke, Mantar, Soulfly, Coven, Opeth, Equinox, Helloween, Kvelertak and Black Debbath finishing off as usual 😉

I got a lot more pictures and videos, but that’s for another day.

I also want to thank a few people:
Marita, Linn, Tove (The nurse from hell), Aim, The Green, Black and Blue Lady (don’t ask), Mari, Cathrine (Awesome blast from the past), Pål (The Plummer from HELL!), Henning, Melissa, Jon, Gokki, Michael, Helga +++

Hope to see you at Norway Rock. Thanks for the shelter!

And all the lovely girls with purple, red and pink hair I had the explicit pleasure of giving a HUGE METAL HUG! (Because with that lovely hair color they deserved 1, 2 and in some cases 3 and 4 hugs )

Yes…it’s black and white….but I swear….she got lovely color in her hair… 😉

Last but not least…one got to eat!
My choice of restaurant during this years Tons Of Rock was no doubt “La crêpe d’Elen”

Huge thanks to: Alex, Emil, Elen and Anna. Great food, awesome service!

Visit ’em in Oslo or at Tons Of Rock next year! I know I will!

Noooo…don’t look away… 😀

It’s OK…you can sleep soon 😉 Great job! Thank you soo much!

Remember, you are never to young to listening to pure fucking metal!

Hell yeah!

Ohhh and one more thing…next year I’m going to steal this …thing…shhh! hahaha

I’m not even going to start explaining my thoughts watching this thing…

One can get used to this life, it’s great…but the sun, 5 o’clock in the morning will slap you back into reality…Do, join me in the woods…and it’s no drawback if you got beautiful colors in your hair 😉

See you next year…Tons of Rock…until then, fuck you all 😉


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