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GDPR The Death of Internet?

This won’t be a looong essay or something like that but this met me for the first time today:

LOL? Nice one 😛

WTF? (Or “What The Fuck” for those that haven’t payed attention)

Thanks EU…for this shit!  My country never wanted to be a part of it…thanks a lot EEA and EFTA!

…Ironically, the intent behind GDPR is in part to prevent people from having to be a part of things they never wanted to be a part of…

I think (MY opinion) the result is that all this shit makes the internet as we know it a cluster fuck of pop-ups with pages and pages with crap, that in the end, is more annoying than the commercials they trying to regulate.

In the true spirit of Saraptor.com all we have to say is: FUCK OFF!!!

This is only one person’s opinion (or maby 2…or 3, 4 even?) and does not reflect humanity as a whole. 
As you may have noticed up above “(MY…)” was just to cater all the fucking snowflakes in the world so they don’t get hurt. They may end up traumatized for the rest of their life because they can’t live with the fact that not everyone share their pink fluffy fantasy or think as THEM…

Read all about GDPR here: https://gdpr-info.eu/

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