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Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah

Isle of Siptah – massive expansion revealed. Also free Weekend starts today.

Gather your clan and get ready for the biggest update to Conan Exiles yet. The Isle of Siptah expansion is launching into Early Access on September 15th!

PC Early Access price will be 19.99 USD. The price will increase when the expansion leaves Early Access.

You can also enjoy a Steam Free Weekend! The Free Weekend starts today Thursday the 10th of September at 19:00 CEST/ 1 pm EDT and lasts until Monday the 14th of September at 19:00 CEST/ 1 pm EDT.

A developer stream is on Twitch tomorrow, the 11th of September at 17:00 CEST/11 am EDT, where you can learn even more about the upcoming expansion from several key developers!

Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah offers different ways to play with the all new vault, storm and surge features, a vast new map, the new rhino mount, two new building sets, hordes of new monsters to fight and much more! Shipwrecked and alone you wash up on the beach. A mighty tower can be seen in the distance and a storm filled with dark magic spreads around it. The battle for survival and dominance begins anew…

Check out the new Isle of Siptah map, with a foreboding and dark tower at its center and the brutal storm which ravages the island in the new trailer here:


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