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Steam Summer Sale 2017 Is On

Every year, we know it’s coming, and yet there’s always server-crushing excitement when it arrives.

The 2017 Steam Summer Sale is now underway, and runs from June 22 to July 25.

This year’s sale features a “Summer Sale Stickers” quest, to earn “stickers for your Summer Sale Sticker book:
What are stickers?
Stickers are virtual collectibles that can be earned by completing quests during the Steam Summer Sale.

When a quest is completed, you will earn a sticker pack that contains three unique stickers from the event

What can I do with stickers?
After opening your sticker packs, you’ll be able to apply the stickers to corresponding pages from your sticker book.

Once you’ve applied all of the stickers that correspond to a specific page, that page will permanently unlock on your account.

For all of your unlocked pages, you’ll be able to customize them any way you want with your extra stickers.

How are the contents of the sticker packs decided?
Packs will contain three stickers associated with one or more pages from the sticker book.

The stickers are assigned randomly, however you will never receive the same sticker twice until you have received them all.

How do I get new stickers?
For each day of the sale, you will have new opportunities to collect more sticker packs.

Happy wallet drain! 🙂

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