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The Pond Of The Dead?

January 30th, it is 100 years since the author André Bjerke was born.
The book “De Dødes Tjern” was published in 1942, and the film was premiere 16 years later. This soothing horror story has long been one of our great cult classics.

In the book, the story is from Østerdalen. But the idea came from a completely different place in the country.

I think it might be Eidsborgtjønna in Western-Telemark, which has been the source of inspiration for history, says his daughter Vilde Bjerke.

This mysterious pond is located in the small village of Eidsborg, a few miles above the valley. The large round pond is the center of the village, surrounded by some farms with ancient history. At a height towering above the water, the magic stave church  from 1250 is guarding the rest of the landscape.Eidsborg is a very special place, inspired by many myths and stories. Here the mysterious Nikulscult took place at midnight evening, and Eidsborg is also located in the middle of the area where the famous Draumkvedet was told for 800 years.

“I have a very special relationship with this story. Because without it I had not been born. My mother and my father met each other during the filming, says Vilde Bjerke.

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