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S.N. Game Of The Year 2018

Our Game Of The Year 2018 is:

Conan Exiles (PC) from Funcom.

We almost thought of it as a joke when first announced, but they did deliver. Hopefully they keep it up for a good while longer, if not, run your own server, play single player or re-do the whole game yourself with Unreal Ed, smart move from the Norwegian vikings there. If they decide to drop it, you can make it your own!…almost 😉

But, come on Funcom, this is the way to do it, you people got it right…don’t fuck this up now…

She looked like a TRUDE, and Trude was her name 🙂

The game sadly still suffer from a lot of issues, but if you want the best survival open world games has to offer, this is, as we see it, the one!

Just Survive (H1Z1) died, DayZ has always been dead…but hey BETA! after onlyyy 5! years. There is also Fortnite but it looks like shit…

Also available on PS4 and XBOX ONE.

Come join us on PC ofc

We would have wished they kept it in Early Access for at least 6 months of polishing things, like:

  • Better UI. Some of the elements are bloody huge and all over
  • For fuck sake add Aurora Borealis to the skies in the north! 
  • Make the stacking of chests a little better…MAYBE!?
  • 40 players max are not much when clan size is 10…
  • Get rid of the obvious glitches that have been there from start
  • And again…MORE POLISH 😉

Still in doubt about this game? There is boobs and all the rest that comes with naked bodies, both genders…with animations…lol

Other games that we have had great fun with this year (PST, some of ’em are also cheap now)

  • Far Cry 5
  • Horizon Zero Dawn…Yeah, so 2017, we know, but the expansion kept us going well into 2018
  • God Of War (…but no jumping? WTF!???
  • Shadow Of The Colossus (Remake)
  • Red Dead Redemption 2…sloooow but pretty 😉

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and we hope to see you all and more (from our side) in 2019!

Take care!

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