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Pavati Rock

In the time away I decided to make a Instagram profile. The whole ting is a cluster fuck of attention whores. But this immigrant from Russia living in NYC showed me that there is still some integrity…even on IG.

“Pavati Rock” followed me and as the nice person I am, I followed back. Then a few days later I noticed she was not following me anymore 🙁 So I wrote here a message saying what I felt about it and unfollowed her just because… 😛

It turned out to be a promotional thing and she had no control or payed attention to who followed or not, only numbers bla bla. I could go on about this forever, but the thing is, I kind of liked her attitude and most important for her, her music…

So after some messages back and forth I decided she was a great person and had an even better attitude than I first thought so I started to follow her again. And she, just to prove what my impression of her was, she followed me back.

Enjoy her music 🙂


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